Count Her In: our progress toward gender equality in Queensland

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We released the second Annual Queensland Women’s Statement during Queensland Women’s Week 2024. It highlights the work the Queensland Government did in 2023 to meet the 47 commitments under the Queensland Women’s Strategy 2022–27. It also details the focus for ongoing efforts across government in 2024.

Our Gender Equality Report Cards provide a valuable statistical snapshot of the status of gender equality in Queensland each year.

Together, these documents give us insight into the Queensland Government’s ongoing commitment to gender equality. They show where we’ve made progress and highlight areas where we need to improve.

Our recent reports show progress in several areas.

  • More women are taking part in construction and STEM industries.
  • The gap in gender pay, workforce participation and superannuation is getting smaller.
  • The employment participation gap between women with disability and without is closing – there’s a drop from 18% in 2016 to 14.9% in 2021.

Despite these gains, women are much more likely to do unpaid work, and be subject to violence including sexual assault and elder abuse.

Women also continue to earn and retire with less money. More than 30% of women rely on their partner’s income in retirement compared with 6% of men.

The findings show areas of progress and of persistent challenges for Queensland women. They highlight why women’s economic security is the main priority of the Queensland Women’s Strategy 2022–27. We can achieve gender equality when we make sure:

  • women and girls have equal opportunity to build their capabilities
  • we strengthen their capacity to learn, earn and lead.

Read more about our progress in the Annual Queensland Women’s Statement 2024 [PDF 6320.28 KB] and our Gender Equality Report Cards 2023 [PDF 5783.83 KB].

You can also read our past statements and report cards.