We need to value women with diverse backgrounds and experiences and give them a voice, so we can become a gender equal Queensland.

This includes women who:

  • come from another country
  • speak English as a second language
  • live in rural and remote places
  • live with disability
  • are older
  • identify as LGBTIQ+ or are gender diverse.

Our aim

Women and girls with diverse backgrounds can face more inequality than other women. We want them to be heard, feel safe and have the same chances as everyone else. We’ll use their ideas in laws and programs to improve their lives and make Queensland equal and accessible for everyone.

Our commitment to women and girls

The Queensland Government values women with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

We want to help them:

  • tell us what they need
  • have input into government programs and policies
  • have the same opportunities as anyone else.

We’re also improving how we help girls who are in contact with the youth justice system.

You can read about our commitments in the Queensland Women’s Strategy 2022–27 [PDF 3883.96 KB].

Our investment

Money from the 2023–24 Queensland Budget is helping women with diverse backgrounds and experiences feel safe, healthy, connected and included.

There’s special help for women:

  • who are older, isolated or experiencing elder abuse
  • from a different culture who need to find jobs, support and connections
  • in rural and remote places where there is a need to improve health and lifestyle
  • who need to use disability advocacy services.

Read more about funding and who it’s for in the Women’s Budget Statement 2023–24 [PDF 5917.09 KB].

Annual women’s statement

Learn more about what we’re doing in our Annual Women’s Statement 2024 [PDF 6320.28 KB].

Read about our ongoing initiatives for women and what we've achieved in our past statements.

Stories about Queensland women

Last updated: March 2024