We need to empower women and recognise their achievements to become a gender equal Queensland.

Our aim

People will celebrate women and their achievements. Hearing their stories will inspire other women. We’ll empower and support them so they can be leaders in every aspect of life. They’ll be able to speak up, share their opinions and influence big decisions that affect everyone.

Our commitment to women and girls

The Queensland Government will:

  • listen to what women want when we make new policies and laws
  • help women become leaders and be on company Boards
  • get businesses to think about what women need at work
  • make it easier for women to take part in work, cultural activities and sport
  • recognise women when we give out awards or set up public statues and monuments
  • make it easier for women to take part in work, cultural activities and sports.

We’ve made 11 commitments to improve the empowerment and recognition of women. You can read more about these in the Queensland Women’s Strategy 2022–27 [PDF 3883.96 KB].

Our investment

Money from the 2023–24 Queensland Budget is helping to empower women and recognise their achievements.

There’s special help for women and girls interested in:

  • science, technology, engineering and maths
  • leadership and their career
  • health and wellbeing.

You can read more about funding and who it’s for in our Women’s Budget Statement 2023–24 [PDF 5917.09 KB].

Annual women’s statement

Learn more about what we’re doing in our Annual Women’s Statement 2024 [PDF 6320.28 KB].

Read about our ongoing initiatives for women and what we've achieved in our past statements.

Stories about Queensland women

  • Celebrating women’s achievements

    Growing up on the Gold Coast, Ruby Stockham was always curious about how the city had transformed over time. During her Urban Planning degree at Griffith University she took part in an internship with and now works on a range of Regional Plans throughout Queensland.

Last updated: March 2024