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Natalia Florez is co-founder of LOGiT - one of Australia’s leading indigenous businesses.

Natalia Florez is a proud Colombian woman who lives and works on the lands of the Turrbal and Yuggera people. She’s also the co-founder of LOGiT - one of Australia’s leading indigenous businesses, developing software in-house and building careers in tech for community mob.

LOGiT has developed weavr, a digital solution that helps businesses and government manage and track their Reconciliation and Social Impact Strategies in a culturally engaging way. It helps them embed Indigenous culture in their organisation's culture.

Natalia is taking part in the Elevating Female Founders Program run by River City Labs. The program has a heavy focus on building connections within the cohort  and the wider ecosystem. It meets female founders where they are in their journey and helps them apply a range of bespoke advice specific to their industry and challenges. It also offers cohort-based activities that help businesses move to the next stage they want to be at – including from problem statement to idea and from 1 customer to 10.

River City Labs is 1 of 11 organisations funded under the Advance Queensland Accelerating Female Founders Program. The program will support around 500 Queensland female founders in 2023 to 2024.