We're working to help women and girls be equal, safe and respected in our community, and to inspire others to take action. We've come a long way, but there's more we can all do.

What we're doing

The Queensland Government is investing in women and girls to help them achieve and thrive in all areas of life. We’ve made promises to Queensland women across 5 areas.

What you can do

There are things we can all do to improve the lives of women in:

  • our community,
  • business,
  • industry
  • government.

History of women in Queensland

Taking action to achieve gender equality builds on the work and achievements of the earliest women’s groups in Queensland.

Since the 1800s, women have won the right to:

  • vote in elections
  • be elected into Queensland Parliament
  • become a police officer in Queensland
  • earn equal pay for work of equal value
  • be treated equally and have the same opportunities as men
  • be protected from discrimination and harassment.

You can learn more about our rich history of achievements and milestones for Queensland women on the Queensland Government website.

Kay McGrath addressing the crowd on International Women's Day.

Last updated: February 2024