Government sponsorship

The Queensland Government provides sponsorship for events and initiatives that benefit Queenslanders.

Your organisation can apply for sponsorship if you run an event or initiative that:

You’ll need to apply through the Queensland Government sponsorship website. If your initiative is for women and girls it will come to our team for review.

Promoting your initiative

The Office for Women can help to promote events and networks for Queensland women and girls.


We often feature events for women and girls in our event calendar and newsletter. To tell us about an event, fill in our form.

Professional networks

If you run a women’s network, we can add it to our list of professional networks for women on the Queensland Government website. To tell us about your network, send an email to and include the following:

  • network name
  • field of work
  • a short description
  • the network’s web address (URL) and social media links.

Women in business

You can find support for women in business on the Business Queensland website. There’s advice to help you:

  • get started in business
  • grow and promote your business
  • find a mentor and be a mentor to others
  • get training, funding and support.

Connecting your cause

We’re helping women and girls find the right support and opportunities.

Speak with our team to find out more about sponsorship, promotion and ways you can reach out to women and girls.

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Last updated: February 2024