The Office for Women leads gender equality reforms and works to improve the lives and rights of women and girls in Queensland.

Our role

  • We monitor, report on and drive progress towards gender equality.
  • We work with government agencies and community partners to influence and bring about change.
  • We help government, community and industry promote and protect women’s rights, interests and wellbeing.
  • We connect women with grants, resources and support networks to help them reach their full potential.

Who we report to

The Queensland Government established the Office of Women in 1990. We support Queensland’s Minister for Women and sit in the System Policy branch of Queensland Health. Our work is guided by the 5 impact areas in the Queensland Women's Strategy and our vision for a gender equal Queensland.

Towards a gender equal Queensland

We're investing in women to improve their lives and create stronger communities.

Find out what actions we’re taking to achieve Queensland’s vision for gender equality.

Last updated: February 2024