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Ruby Stockham winner of Female Student in Planning Award.

Growing up on the Gold Coast, Ruby Stockham was always curious about how the city had transformed over time. That curiosity turned into a passion which saw her take on an Urban Planning degree at Griffith University.

In 2021, the final year of her degree, a Professor nominated Ruby for the ‘Female Student in Planning Award’. The award is 1 of 3 categories of the Annual Minister’s Planning Awards. The award also came with the chance to do a 4-week internship with the Planning Group.

Ruby says,

My internship with the Planning Group was fundamental to my growth as an emerging planner in the industry, gaining an understanding of the crucial role State government has in shaping Queensland’s future. I spent time with four different divisions, supported by mentors who provided me with the invaluable experiences and growth for my professional and personal journey as a Planner.

Following her internship, she was offered additional opportunities to further her career and skillset within the Planning Group. Now, as part of the Regional and Spatial Planning division, Ruby is working on a range of Regional Plans throughout Queensland which aim to support growth and respond to change over time.