We’re helping elevate First Nations women and girls, and their rights, health, safety and wellbeing, so they can thrive. We need to do this to become a gender equal Queensland.

Our aim

First Nations women will have strong communities where they can realise their strengths, connect with their culture and pursue their interests. We’ll listen to them and use their ideas to change the future so they can have better health, jobs and support.

Our commitment to First Nations women and girls

The Queensland Government will listen to what First Nations women need. We’ll listen when they raise their voice and tell us about their ideas to help us improve issues like:

  • finding work
  • violence and crime
  • being homeless
  • substance abuse
  • suicide
  • health care.

We want to build cultural capacity in government industry and the community. This means fostering respect for First Nations women, their culture, and valuing their skills, experience and views.

We’ve promised to support the Wiyi Yani U Thangani (Women’s Voices) Report 2020 [PDF 39700 KB]. This is the Australian Human Rights Commission's plan to elevate First Nations women. It sets out the rights, needs and aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and girls across Australia.

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Our investment

Money from the 2023–24 Queensland Budget is helping us set up social, cultural and economic systems that elevate First Nations Women.

Special funding will help First Nations women and girls:

  • find safer living conditions
  • learn new skills and find local jobs
  • stay in school until Year 12 and find work or study when they graduate
  • succeed in certain midwifery and health care university courses
  • celebrate their art, music, cultural roots and care for Country.

Read more about funding and who it’s for in the Women’s Budget Statement 2023–24 [PDF 5917.09 KB].

Annual women’s statement

Learn more about what we’re doing in our Annual Women’s Statement 2024 [PDF 6320.28 KB].

Read about our ongoing initiatives for women and what we've achieved in our past statements.

Stories about Queensland women

Last updated: March 2024