We’re changing how people treat women and girls so they can stay safe, healthy and well. We all need to support and promote respect for women to become a gender equal Queensland.

Our aim

Women and girls will be safe, healthy, well and connected to their community. They'll get the help and care they need to stay strong and happy if they get hurt or are in unsafe relationships. They’ll have the same chances as men to take part in sport and get the health care they need. Better laws will protect women at home, at work and in the community.

Our commitment to women and girls

We’ve made progress to improve safety, health and wellbeing in the last 5 years, but there's still more to do.

The Queensland Government will:

  • make better laws to stop all types of violence and help women and girls to be safe
  • make a new strategy to help women and girls be healthy and well
  • help people recognise and put a stop to elder abuse
  • help young people know what a safe relationship is and understand consent and sexual assault
  • inspire women and girls to join in sport and help them have the same chances as men and boys.

We’ve made 11 commitments to improve safety, health and wellbeing for women. You can read about these in the Queensland Women’s Strategy 2022–27 [PDF 3883.96 KB].

Our investment

Money from the 2023–24 Queensland Budget is helping us create a safer, healthier gender equal society for all women and girls.

The work of the Women's Safety and Justice Taskforce is helping us respond to issues like:

  • domestic, family and sexual violence
  • coercive control
  • the experiences of women in the criminal justice system.

You can read about the Queensland Government's response to these issues.

There’s also special help for women and girls who are:

  • having a baby in a rural or regional area
  • new or young mothers in need of support
  • attending school and need access to health care.

Read more about funding and who it’s for in the Women’s Budget Statement 2023–24 [PDF 5917.09 KB].

Annual women’s statement

Learn more about what we’re doing in our Annual Women’s Statement 2024 [PDF 6320.28 KB].

Read about our ongoing initiatives for women and what we've achieved in our past statements.

Stories about Queensland women

  • EmpowHER hiking program

    The Queensland Government is proud to support the EmpowHER hiking program, run by the Scenic Rim Regional Council. The program has won awards for its guided walks for women of all ages and abilities and is run with funding from our ActiveKIT program.

Last updated: March 2024