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Stephanie Bofinger is the CEO and Founder of Fempro Armour.

CEO and Founder of Fempro Armour, Stephanie Bofinger has created a range of protective gear designed to prevent injury. Her gear caters to women taking part in impact sports and high risk professions including the defence force, security and law enforcement.

By combining safety with comfort, Stephanie’s range ensures that women can move and function easily while they use gear that keeps them safe from injury. Hospitals and aged care facilities are now using her range to prevent head and femur fractures in both women and men.

Stephanie is an Australian adventurer and entrepreneur based in Kingaroy, Queensland. She was 1 of 6 female founders that recently completed the Business and Technology Accelerator Roadmap Development Program for Female Founders with the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Hub. The program is an Accelerating Female Founders Program initiative under the Advance Queensland Backing Female Founders Program.