Queensland Women's Strategy 2022-27

Celebration of Change

The new Queensland Women's Strategy will strengthen and support the rights of women and girls and work towards achieving a gender-equal Queensland.
The voice of Queensland women and girls informed this strategy.

Rachel: To succeed and thrive and that's through providing opportunities to take part to stand up and to be valued.

Nadia: I've always been a big advocate on young people understanding that we are the future of tomorrow and that we are being leaders right now. And it's not about waiting for our seats to be there at the table,  rather bring a seat yourself sit yourself down and make sure that you're heard.

Malia: Young girls and women need strong female role models to look up to. Seeeing is believing and I don't want young girls like me who are constantly seeing important men to start believing that only men are important.

Deena: I know change takes time and I really hope that we can all come together as women and work together.  It's the only way we can initiate change and to continue the work of the people that have been pushing those boundaries before us.

Galila: I hope to see equality everywhere. Unity is the key for success.

Hiwot: Representation is pretty important I think if we continue to allow opportunities for diverse women to have a seat at the table we can't go wrong.

Elder woman: Celebrating the present obviously is important but we have so much more work to do. There is so much that all of us in every industry need to continue to fight for to be able to celebrate a future and particularly to be able to create a future for the next generation of young women coming behind us.

The Queensland Women's Strategy focuses on five impact areas. Impact areas:

  • Primary impact area-Economic security
  • Safety and welbeing
  • First Nations women
  • Women with diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Empowerment and recognition

Casey Coolwell-Fisher: Being selected to design the artwork for the women's strategy was really amazing. I really enjoyed the collaboration doing the artwork with Queensland women it opened my eyes to a lot of the struggles and achievements that our Queensland women go through.

Three main centerpiece elements consist of three different demographic groups;

  • Single parents
  • single persons and
  • parents with children or child.

The groups are represented in the boomerangs to signify strength, structure, power, returning abilities, technique, hunting and gathering and diversity several uses.

The semicircle in the center represents a yarning circle that is holding all the conversations through the line work and creating footprints through the dots.

The background has five different sections representing the yarning circle's conversations of diversity, self-determination, empowerment, safety and security and well-being.

The wavy lines on the bottom of the artwork represent the flow of our lives nothing is in a straight line, we all have our ups and downs.

The handprints are that of our ancestors helping us in our walking lives to achieve our goals and create knowledge for our future generations.

The Queensland Government is committed to achieving gender equality.

Shannon Fentiman: When you empower women to come forward, when you listen to them, you support them and believe them they can create incredible change in our communities.

Malia: Be brave and never give up.

Last updated: February 2024